Monday, December 13, 2010

Romantic Monday: Issue 1

Hot Snowy Morning

Music began playing when I regained consciousness.
My heart swelled.
My lips creased in a warm smile.

Your face lingered in the minuscule space between my eyes and their lids.
You were smiling as well.
Your soft lips pursed for a kiss as I bathed in your beauty.

Bliss consumed me just as it always does when in your presence.
Wind buffeted my window.
Frozen flakes tinked on the glass reminding that it was freezing cold outside.

I laughed to myself as I layed there with my soul on fire.
Your expression was curious and delighted.
You giggled with me as if my joy were contagious.

Then your lips touched mine.
Your aggressive tongue slithered between my hungry lips.
I tasted love on your breath.

Our arms reached.
Hands grasped and groped.
Bodies pressed against one another yearning to unite.

My mind drifted to a time not long ago when I last entered Heaven.
Your body contorted so that it could embrace all of me.
I dedicated myself with reckless abandon.

Ooh! The sweet pleasure of your nails piercing my bottom!
Spurred to ecstasy, I vigorously explored the softest place on Earth.
You shouted cheers of encouragement.

As expected, you went rigid beneath me.
A great cry filled the air.
Then suddenly you went limp and granted a sigh of  relief.

I cried inside.
Satisfied that I had met your needs.
Relieved that I finally compensated you for the miraculous joy that fills me on mornings such as this.

I opened my eyes and wiped the sweat from my brow.
Embarrassed by my sudden inability to control my laughter.
Tickled that I find myself indebted to you once again.

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