Sunday, December 12, 2010

Loving is Action

I've written before that loving someone is an action and not a emotion.

I am reminded today how important it is to be conscious of this on a day to day basis. Since my relationship is relatively new to me after ten years of prison, I sometimes do things that can be hurtful without being mindful of them.

I love my girlfriend. That is definite. However, loving her requires a conscious effort to take care of her emotionally, physically, spiritually. This means the two of us have to be mature about expressing our likes dislikes and interests as well as disappointments.

These tasks are more difficult than I ever imaged. Not everyone is prepared to uphold these responsibilities. In fact, many people aren't even aware that these are important aspects of a healthy relationship. And, even when you are aware of their importance, and are mature enough to carry them out, it is still not easy to be mindful of them on a day to day basis. Especially if we don't understand ourselves and our habits.

It is human nature to do some things without thinking about them. Just as these actions may unintentionally hurt our significant others, it is important that the injured party be mature enough to understand that human beings are prone to error. They must also be able to talk through the problems in a way that doesn't agitate the other person.

I truly love my girlfriend I've been waiting my whole life to find someone I can give myself to wholly. I would like to believe she is that woman, but it's still too early to tell. I am dedicated to her and our attempt to make this work. I'm also mature enough to realize that sometimes what we think we want most may not be what is best for us.

I will admit that she is the best thing to happen to me in my 34 years on this Earth. I love her dearly for this. If I could have one wish, I'd wish that I could have found her a long time ago.

To all me readers I beg you to try to learn how to take better care of your significant other.

Love is an emotion. Loving is action! 

Always real;

Supaman Tion Terrell

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  1. All a couple has to do is put the other one first!!! It's foolproof!!!