Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Content Heart

Today was a busy one. I should be dead tired right now, but I feel so good I just want to listen to my favorite playlist and revel in all the joy.

I started out by learning a new avenue through which I can raise money to support Collinsville organizations. From there, I went to work where I began an apartment makeover. I had a meeting with the Adult Services Coordinator of the Collinsville Library after lunch. We made arrangements for Teen Open Mic Nights each Friday of October. We also made some marketing plans for the events. I will go into greater details later.

I met with the manager of Domino's Pizza after leaving the Library. My application for employment was faxed to the home office for review, and we discussed marketing and fundraising possibilities for the events I'm involved in. After that, I learned progress had been made on the Author's Fair I'm helping to plan.

There is only one thing that can top a day like that and make it better!

Who would know a kiss could mean so much?

Ahh the bliss!!

I did a lot more work since then, but it was not a burden. I love my work actually. Some of it gets tedious at times, but every accomplishment reinforces my belief that I can make a difference.

That's enough to make me fight through the struggles that I know await me.

I hope that all of you can find the strength I've found in myself and in those whom I know love me. Supaman couldn't exist without that love. If you have people in your life who truly love you, make sure you cherish them. Show them that you appreciate them in any way you can. They've proven their worth, and your appreciation will only inspire them to prove it time and again.

This I promise.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell


  1. Left feeling numb and broken!

  2. Is this Love or Insanity- Diaries

    I thought that I was awakened from a deep slumber in which you inspired my creative side to come alive again, for that I am forever grateful. You unknowingly unleashed a fulfillment of desires for you by your subtle glimpses, stares, and conversations. Your seductive touch of my hand enticed my sensual side. You asked what do you do when you think of me? You opened a "Pandora's Box" do you really want to hear the truth? I said I can not oblige, many reasons beyond my control. Then a sudden coldness, harsh words, steel was now taken place of where once gentleness occurred. Why do you persist with me you asked? Because I can see past all the smoke filled facade for what the core of a tender loving heart is. I can feel what is unknown to common people, and see what is yet to be discovered. So all the imperfections of someone is temporal. I will forever long for that kiss seared in my memory. My love is unconditional as it should be, for I desire the same. Giving of ones self is self sacrifice and the utmost form of loyalty that a human heart can offer.
    Is this Love or Insanity ?