Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Great Day

I spoke to a friend today about all that I've been going through. It felt good to let it all out. I still have to face the people I hurt, but I'm prepared to do that.

I collected a check from a sponsor today. I also have a commitment from a second. This money will be used to fund production of the Friday Teen Open Mic Nights at the Collinsville Memorial Library.

I also talked to a friend I'd hurt by unintentionally being a selfish ingrate. To my surprise, she forgave me. She thanked me for my call and even offered some practical advice about how I can better adjust to society. I love that lady.

Oh, and I made a new friend from the fire department. Very interesting man.
We had a few drinks and talked a lot about motorcycles and firefighting. That was interesting.

So, this was my day. I enjoyed it.

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