Sunday, August 15, 2010

Moving Forward

I took a day off today. Well sort of. I did create a flier for Domino's Pizza to distribute and then I took it around to local businesses to get sponsors for a project.The fliers will be distributed on Domino's Pizza boxes to promote the events.

The Collinsville Memorial Library will be having open mic nights each Friday in October. The best acts from those shows will be asked to perform in the Uptown Talent Show which will be a fundraiser for CAMA.

I had a long talk with the manager of Domino's after she approved the flier. I like her. She has a lot of insight. She warned me not to take on too much at once. It was good advice. I think I disappointed her by explaining that I know what I'm doing though.

People still underestimate me. I guess I can't blame them though. I was told by one person whom I thought was my friend that people take me for a joke when I share my goals. I took it in stride and took a measure of that friendship. It wasn't there to begin with.

I've long known that people judge other's ability and potential by comparing the other person to themselves. Because of this, some believe Supaman is all hype. I don't begrudge them that. It only spurs me on.

I set my goals in prison after I learned to recognize who I was and rationally assess my potential. I know I can accomplish the things I set out to do. I know I can do it because I set my goals with a thorough understanding of what is required to meet them.

I would like to see all people do that. However, I know this is not a realistic desire. At the same time though, for those I can help to realize their potential and meet their goals, I will do everything I can to assist them. I feel this is my duty to life. I have a gift and I know that if I don't use it, it will eat me alive. I will never be happy if I don't share the lessons I've hard earned.

Do I think I have all the answers for everyone?

Of course not. I'd be a fool to think that. However, I have common sense and I have a grasp on reality that eludes most people. That's how I know I can make a difference. That's why I know I can keep moving forward no matter how hard the struggle gets.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell


  1. No teenager will care about a talent show.

    Talent shows are gay and this will be unsuccessful.

    Find something that better appeals to the youth.

    This isn't the 1950s, they aren't cool any more.

  2. let me tell you something. there are a lot of people who are out there who are smart and more trustworthy than you that people are more likely to listen to. you think your the only one out there doing what you are doing, but your not and your not going to make it big doing it. money is not going to come your way unless you steal it like you already did, which i would return.

    just saying. get your facts straight and don't think your going to get rich. ive heard you talk. fat chance and get a real job. you think youre so smart but youre really not.

    Anony Mous

  3. Whovever your are, you should get a life. I don't know why you choose to hate me and what I work for but, it's sad that you have nothing better to do than attempt to discourage a man like me. By the way, I have a real job and I'm working on getting another one. As far as accusing me of being a thief, well I laugh at that. I can prove where every penny I ever made and spent came from.
    I really feel sorry for you. It's people like your miserable self who cause others to stumble. If you think you can discourage me, you have another thing coming.
    Take care and God bless.
    I hope my friends will pray for you. You need help.

  4. Voice of real peopleAugust 16, 2010 at 8:09 PM

    Who ever did this is a pathetic sorry excuse for a human being. Why would any one take the time to write trash except perhaps some closet racist looking to see yet another black man fail in our society. This man is trying to make a difference. No one is perfect and he is always stating that. I see a person rising above the cards they were dealt, and really working hard at their goals. This is America home of the "free" and the "brave". So go back under your cowardly rock you HATER and leave the postings for the professionals.