Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I find myself reflecting on the things I've done since my release from prison. The good and the bad.

I think mostly about how I've adjusted, and whether I've honored my commitments. I think I've done well considering I've tried to do so much while having little support and even less financing. Sometimes I've bitten off more than I could chew, but I managed to work it all out eventually.

I expect things to get better now. I learned yesterday that Domino's Pizza has approved my hire despite my criminal record. So, this means I'll be on a regular payroll in a week or two. And, I'll know my schedule ahead of time. I'll be able to work more on my community event planning and save money to complete the Coalition's startup.

Yesterday, I talked to my friend Mike Watkins about all I've been going through. During that discourse, he asked me to think hard about why I've been trying to accomplish the things I've been working at. I knew his question was asked because some believe I have a selfish agenda. I didn't need to consider my answer.

The truth is I want to help my church because they do so much to help the community. I want to help the community because there are many people out there who are incapable of helping themselves. Yes, I'm fully aware that I will gain notoriety from my efforts, but that isn't my primary motivation.

I have a responsibilty to help others because I was blessed with knowledge and talents to be able to do it. I'm no different from anyone else in this regard. We were all born with potential. Most of us never realize it's full height. Most of us who do understand our gifts never realize what our responsibilities are to others as a consequence of our blessings.

What are you capable of? What are you doing with that potential?

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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