Sunday, August 29, 2010

Putting Pieces Together

Every story has a beginning and an end. Mine is so long I must give you an abbreviated chapter at this time.

To begin, I will announce the approach of The Author's Fair, and also the Teen Open Mic Nights/Concerts taking place at the Collinville Memorial Library. I'm organizing these events with the current cooperation of Dominos Pizza, The Collinsville Connection, First United Presbyterian Church, Downtown Collinsville Inc.; and, of course, the library.

Concert acts have been booked. I guarantee the mix of acts--on stage and off--will entertain in expected, and unexpected, ways. All will be clean by even conservative standards.

The best part is everyone knows I was released from prison only six months ago. Throughout this blog I have my deepest thoughts and emotions. A philosophical diary with some elegant, engaging, and adventurous poetry. My logic(when applied) has yet to be proven irrational despite the many attempts of those who have disagreed with my assertions.

The United Coalition of Advocates for prisoners page is followed in 8 languages in 16 countries (Facebook stat). I just won the St Louis Poetry Slam. I just landed a job at Domino's Pizza. I will be traveling to Chicago to compete in the Jaycees' speech and writing competitions. Then too, there is The First Annual Uptown Talent Show.

Proceeds from the show will benefit CAMA Helping Hands Ministries which provides tons of food and thousands of dollars in emergency relief to needy Collinsville residents.

Prior to the Uptown Talent Show, however is the release of the Think Outside the Cell Series. Last note from publisher Resilience Multimedia stated the target pub date window is October/November. Designs have just reached the printer. I'm very proud to be a part of an anthology being endorced by the Ford Foundation.

I feel guilty and yet amazed that I've fumbled my way through all of this while barely being concious of the fact that I'd become my own worse enemy. Not noticing that I lacked the necessary social skills, at the outset, to make the transition from convict to the excellent citizen I aspire to be.

My next step is the launch of my autobiography as an Ebook. 65% of proceeds will fund The United Coalition of Advocates for Prisoners as we finance the growth and activism activity of various causes and groups. While I prepare the manuscript, I will be completing the registration of the coalition as non-profit private foundation.

Many are inspired by what I've accomplished. That is my purpose.

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