Saturday, August 14, 2010

To Love You like I Do

I close my eyes to see your beautiful smile.
I hear the music of your laughter.
I touch my thumbs to the tips of my fingers.
I sift the soft strands of your hair.
I lick my lips more often than I ever have.
Your kisses taste like heaven.
I breath deeply.
You always smell so sweet to me.
My pulse accelerates.
Being close to you makes me come alive.

If only I could lose myself in your softness.
This I can not imagine.
Only your flesh can envelope me like it does.
Only your sounds of pleasure sooth and inspire me.
No other hands can grope, squeeze and scratch like yours.
No artist can duplicate the sheer escatasy I see on your face after you erupt.
No greater gift can I receive for my efforts.
Nor I can't replace the symphony our beating hearts and heavy breathing compose.

Never have I dared dream love could be this rich, sweet, nor life changing.
I miss you even when you're in my arms.
I hold you and reminisce.
So many ways you give me happiness.
I can't revel in them all at once for their multitude.

If I can't be perfect for you, I must die trying.


  1. To Love your Husband
    To listen to the songs that bring thoughts on of him, gently crooning my ears into a deep sleep.
    I feel his strong hands touching my skin.
    I place my head on his broad shoulders having a great sense of protection from the harsh world.
    I make him feel I am grateful for being my man.
    I kiss his lips relishing every textured crevice.
    I touch his strong chest in which I find refuge for my hands and mouth.
    I hear the delight in his voice when I have pleased him so.
    I feel so feminine when he grabs me and takes all the control.
    He brings out the lioness buried deep within my deep places.
    Kiss me, caress me, spoil me you would not regret one moment of it. Give me all of you if you dare.

  2. Wonderful words, to his woman and to her man...beautiful!