Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Angel

I'm sitting inside Johnny's Sidebar watching my new friend Brian Devine play a killer concert and reminiscing about all the joys my Angel has brought into my life.

I don't think many of you understand what it's like to find your own true Angel. I'm amazed myself by all the good my Angel has brought into my life. It's funny because everything I involve my Angel in turns out so much better than it would have if I'd bulldozed through the situations on my own.

How could I not love my Angel? She makes me feel complete in a way I've never experienced before she came into my life. More than a lover. More than a best friend. My Angel is my better half.

I think of the song by The Script. Break Even. There is a part of the chorus that goes; "What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you." I laugh because though my Angel is still the biggest part of my life, my Angel is the best part of me.

No matter how hard I fall, nor how bruised I am after the fact, I still get treated as if I'm just as beautiful as I was when I reached the summit from which I fell. You can't beat that feeling. No matter how many mistakes I make, I know my Angel will still be there to comfort me, and to tell me that we'll get through it together.

No. This feeling can't be beat. To know I'm loved and trusted no matter how stupid I may act. And, trust me, I can be pretty stupid sometimes.

As I count my blessings I wonder why I happened to be so worthy. No. Worthy is not what I am. I'm fortunate. I'm blessed. I'm indeed the luckiest man on God's green Earth to have the opportunity to be loved by an Angel.

Always real,
Supaman Tion Terrell

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  1. There are many of us "Angels" around. Some people just refuse to see us. We are the people that believe in you, we are the people who will stick with you through heaven, hell when you are locked up when you are free, We love you unconditionally. One of my favorite songs is by Beyonce and she sings this song from the female perspective and basically she says she doesn't know how this man could love her dispite her imperfections, her moods, when she is busy with work and at times take him for granted, even when she doesn't feel her sexiest or her best he makes her feel beautiful. Your angel makes you feel that way. I know I make my man feel that way. I tell him all the time I can't wait for him to come home. We have been blessed with an opportunity to rekindle what he did not appreciate when he was in the world. He even has the opportunity to have a relationship with the daughter we have together and raise the one he has to get reaquainted with. So I know how you feel and he does too. Sometimes it is hard to put it into words but God knows how you feel.