Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What a Day

I had a talk with Pastor Steve Artz today. Well, it was more like he talked at me. I tried to communicate to him that, though I recognize I'm responsible for the troubles that surround me, I don't think its fair that my accuser(s) are being believed without question.

But, I made this bed because of my own ignorance. I'm willing to lay in it.

Then,the brakes started grinding on my car on the way home. Great! Like I really need another bill.

The good news is I start at Dominos tomorrow. Well, I go in for orientation and I turn in my urine sample. I'm sure I'll get paid for the orientation. Finally I'll have an income. It's been a few months since that happened.

I had to serve the last of two groups of eviction notices today. I don't enjoy doing that much. People want to explain to me why the landlord is wrong as if I care. I'm not even being paid for it because I owe my boss money for taking car of me while I was out of work with a broken wrist. I think its weird that grown people find it so hard to accept responsibilty for their actions. Especially when they know what to expect after not paying their rent.

Things are going fairly well with the events I've been planning, but I'll get into that later.

Goddbye for now my friends. And, don't think I've forgotten why I started this blog. I'm aware that, with the exception of my poetry, I don't write as deeply as I used to. I won't even make excuses. In fact, the greatest lesson I learnd from Steve today is that when you really apologize, you do it without justifying the actions you are sorry for. I'm applying that lesson now.

Always real,

Supaman Tion Terrell

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