Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Bad Night

Well, I set out for the St. Louis Poetry Slam at 8:05pm Central Time. We got completely lost. Then, when we finally found the route Mapquest laid out for us, there was a detour that took us a half hour past our turn. I never made it to the venue.

I've been riding high for 3 straight months. Every once in a while unfortunate things occur. I have to be conscious of the fact that it must happen from time to time. Difficulties teach you who you really are.

I had a lot riding on tonight's event. It's very disappointing, but I have work to do. There is no time for moping. A castle can't be built by moping.

Besides, I stopped to get directions at a Greek restaurant to get directions when I was already 30 minutes late. The person who drove me wanted to eat anyway, so she had a baklava ala mode. I had a glass of the house Merlot that didn't impress me. I enjoyed myself though.

I had some time to think. The restaurant was nice. The service was excellent. The desert was quite marvelous. I had the chance to get to know an interesting person in my girlfriend's daughter.

There's a bright side to everything if you look for it.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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  1. Maybe your curve ball was earlier that day, and you were given a moment to shine and touch a heart with some of the poetic pleasures that seep from your lips........just maybe you were detained so that you will rethink your deepest thoughts and bring something so earth shattering that you will blow any thoughts that someone could possibly be on the same level as you..... just maybe we'll see......."Dollar General" :)