Sunday, May 23, 2010

Psychology's Purpose

Previously in this bog, I've made many references to psychology. I've also stated that I spent a great deal of my 9.5yr prison time studying the field. For all intents and purposes, psychology is a science. Information is gathered, tested, and retested, and then conclusions are drawn based upon the findings of these tests. I've tried to avoid psychobabble, because its over most people's heads, while communicating profound facts that have been discovered through this science. It's not an easy thing to do. Psychology explains how and why the events in our lives, and the way we look at them, dictate who we grow up to be. This is why I oppose lying to children as well as all other forms of abuse. It's why I focused on the role a mother must play in children's upbringing.

Let me share a quote from Richard D. Chessick M.D., PHD. "The theories of Fairborn, Winnicott, and R. D. Laing use different conceptions of the self but all have in common with Kohut the assumption that the self is shaped and formed from its very beginning out of the interaction with the mother, or what Winnicott (1965) calls the facilitating environment." Psychology of the Self and the Treatment of Narcissism Aronson 1985

I've stated in another post that Heinz Kohut is arguably the second Freud in the field of psychoanalysis.

We learn from the above quote that I haven't been stating my own convictions regarding child rearing blindly.

I want each of my readers to look at their lives and the behaviors they display which were learned from influences in their childhood. These include emotional reactions to our experiences and the physical reactions that result from the emotions. I can't forget the types of mates we choose too.

The greatest crimes against our children lie in the form of neglect. Nursing is the worst of those. It's been proven that children learn security when they are promptly attended to when hungry. Those who are allowed to suckle at the mother's breast turn out healthier physically, emotionally and psychologically than those who were denied such nurturing.

Each disappointment suffered by the needy child prohibits the child's ability to form healthy emotional and psychological beliefs. The malformed beliefs are usually carried into adulthood. I already know some people will argue that they did or didn't do such and such and their children turned out fine. The problem lies here in distinguishing the point of reference from which this fine child is measured. I'd bet most of the people who would assert the argument use society as a measurement tool.

However, I've pointed out many examples of how society is dysfunctional as a whole. These fine people appear fine only because everybody is similar to them. Yet, everyone they are similar to may be screwed up too. Statistics favor this. Nearly everyone lies to themselves about how messed up they are.

We let the media define who is good and who is not. We know the media is controlled by parties who benefit from having everyone conform to a prescribed status quot. Remember Saddam's weapons of mass destruction? What about the global warning inevitability that has been disproved? Lets go a little deeper. Remember when everyone knew the world was flat?

We must learn to think for ourselves. This requires scrutinizing what we choose to believe when information is presented to us. It would have been great if our parents had used the Santa lie as an example of this when we first learned to look at the world. Instead, most of us grew up doing what the Jones's did. As a result, we're content with being blind followers of what we're told to believe. We defend many irrational beliefs out of stupidity and are proud of ourselves for doing it.

If a person chooses to remain ignorant during our times of information technology, I can't pity them. They are a part of the problem. I'm here to point this out to those who want to change our world into a better one. The truth is available although the powers that be benefit from its suppression. This is why they instill lusts in us via the media. As long as we're focused on working to get this or that , we never stop to look at what they are doing to us nor why.

They understand psychology very well. They use that knowledge to enslave us. Then they teach us to be happy in our bondage.

I don't know about anyone else, but I want my kids to think outside the box. To see what the world really is. To know they can always depend upon and trust their mother and I. I will be able to look at my children and always say I never lied to them. The little white lies included.

Always real ;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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  1. Psychology.........ummm what a vast topic in which many are called but few are chosen. We all want to feel safe in our surroundings, our conversations, our families. Sometime this safety feature comes at superficial cost. Take what you said, in regards to the relationship between a Mother and her young baby, breastfeeding. It is almost abolished. What an injustice we are doing to our young prospective parents, don't marry, don't breastfeed, don't stay home and raise your own offspring, don't have babies with the same partner, don't know your role...............

    Got it supamuffin? :)