Thursday, May 6, 2010

Johnny's Sidebar

I had a blast at Johnny's Sidebar's open mic last night. The crowd wasn,t big due to other festivities in town, but the people I met were neighborly. It was a welcomed change from my experiences in Collinsville so far.

Other than people at church, this town has been rather unaccepting. I see blatant racism and other prejudices. I still wouldn't say this is a bad town though. In fact part of the rejections I've endured are, in part, mt fault. I should've known better than to think I could come straight out of prison and earn trust and respect by simply putting my best foot forward.

Sometimes we look at the world as if it was the way we want it to be, or the way we think it should be.

I can't remember a time since the moment of my release when I was as happy as I am now! I've found a place I can call home that will give me an outlet to express myself. I expect to appear at Johnny's Side Bar quite often.

Oh. I can't forget I sang last night too. I doubt if I was very good. I'd already started on a Corvoursier [Ihope I spelled it right]. Love made me do it. When you have someone in your life who'll go as far out of their way as my lover has, its only right that you go out of your way to show your appreciation.

Sadly, my relationship is a complication all its own. Ican't even make since of it in a version short enough to pot.

My poetry was recieved well, I think. It pissed a few people off, but I am a man of my word. I guess I could tone it down a bit. I probably won't though. I love poetry. I love writing. It's the one chance you get to express yourself fully without getting interrupted. Its not my fault if my audiene is not ready to hear something they don't agree with.

I will close now. Hello to everyone who vists this blog today because they liked what they saw and heard last night. Thanks to you, and my friends who've stood behind Supaman since we've stumbled into each other's lives.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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  1. I think it's good to live life the way you want it to be. If you send out positive accepting affirmations to others, it will be returned eventually. Jesus said "love others as you love yourself, treat others the way you would like to be treated." And even if they don't send it back to you, you know you have made the right choice.
    Galations 6:9 says "
    Let's not get tired of doing what is good, for at the right time we will reap a harvest-if we do not give up." Never give up! Never give up! Never give up! that's what Winston Churchill said.