Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life's Lessons

I can be a bulldozer sometimes. I like leading this type of life. I try not to hurt others , but sometimes I must do what needs to be done in order to meet my objectives. Since my objectives are unselfish, it can't be said I have selfish motives.

I'm building a castle with a hand full of pebbles.

Its not an easy task. Especially since I depend so much on others fulfilling promises they make, with often good intentions, while lacking the ability to pull them off for whatever reason. This of course happens in personal and professional relationships. That's life.

But, I always have my instincts to fall back on. A man's heart leads him. Well, partly at least. The intellect plays a factor. A conscience is present in all of us too. Sadly though, some people are so damaged they don't know how to feel regret for many things other people might consider heinous. But this is a different matter.

What I wanted to explain here is that when you live a life that's true to yourself, everything else falls into place. Your faith is grounded in you and in the strengths and talents God provided. You can't please everyone so don't worry about that. Just be yourself and the rest will work itself out the way you deserve. That's the way life works.

When a person has do to things they'd rather not do, or believe they shouldn't do, it only hurts them in the long run. You can't feel good about selling yourself out!

Of course we should all be tactful. I forget that sometimes. It's the worst of my traits, I think. No one should be coerced by other human beings to do anything they are not proud of, nor happy about, what they have done.

The opposite side of that, however, is learning whether what others may want for us is better for us than what we want for ourselves.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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  1. I realize that you are just true to thy self, and that no one can account for someone else. May your hearts desires be met. See you around. Thoughtfully,"Dollar General" :)