Saturday, May 22, 2010

Diseased Society

I went out to Johnny's Sidebar last night. I really like the place. There's always a friendly welcoming crowd. Last night, I met a woman named Kayla Russel. She carried a box of candles which were being sold to raise money for Melissa Herdon's leukemia treatments. Melissa's insurance company refuses to pay for them. I didn't buy a candle, but I'm mailing a check to Melissa this morning.

This is intriguing since we live in one of the most productive countries in the world. Now, I'm no expert on the policies of foreign countries. I probably don't know everything I should about domestic policies. What I do know is a lot of people criticize our president's apparent socialist mindset.

I wonder if these critics are aware that in a socialist society education and health care are free. Even I know that Cuba has a record of importing foreigners to give them free educations in the medical field and then sending them home to practice in their native impoverished countries. Yet, Americans are taught to believe Castro was an evil dictator. I can't say he's evil or not, but I know this practice is honorable.

I'm not an advocate of socialism. I'm just trying to figure out why nobody thinks about the real motives of the capitalists we praise and in some cases worship. I use the word worship because we devote ourselves to political leaders and their propaganda more fervently than we do God in some cases.

While doing so, we create all types of chemicals to feed livestock, spray on vegetation, and directly ingest. These chemicals cause all types of diseases after long term use. Then we take medicines to cure the self-inflicted illnesses. These medicines have side effects that are really new diseases. Then we take more medicines to cure those, and on and on. For the sake of the profits for a few, the masses willingly poison themselves.

How can so smart a people be so stupid?

Always real,
Supaman Tion Terrell


  1. Smart people so stupid? Well there is a fine line somewhere between mental madness and pure equivocal genius. Why the need to feel sorrow for a dicator such as Castro, everyone has to present a kind trait of some sort. Remember the Bible even mentions " An evil man knows how to give good gifts unto his children ". Chemicals you state? The federal government with out a doubt knows exactly what they are doing to us, we a constant reaccuring recipient of their research,( cause-effect ). All about the money there has to be a supply and demand component to everthing that they do.

    Got it supamuffin??

  2. To: (Dollar General)
    I never praised Castro. I just want people to see the man for what he really did. I hate to see people accept what the media tells them without question. The media slants things to lead you to think what they would like to have you think.