Monday, May 17, 2010

Children's Problems

I just read a letter sent to me by Sharon Salaam, creator of "Walk With Me...Walk for Justice" Face Book Group. It's subject: The Supreme Court ruled that life sentences for juveniles, in most cases, is cruel and unusual punishment.

I feel this is a monumental decision. However, I regret that it was even necessary. Again we have the courts stepping in to take responsibility for our youth because the home failed the child.

Since I began this blog, I've always focused on the same thing. Sometimes I deviate from the goal of exploring ways to better our society for our children's sakes to entertain, but that's still a mean to keep ALL my readers interested in my posts. I haven't changed though. My purpose hasn't changed.

I look at the Supreme Court's decision and think, "Its a damned shame people raise their children in ways that produce murderers, drug addicts, sexual offenders, and some other things." In fact, I said this aloud in the presence of others.

One of them responded, "But sometimes, kids are mentally ill, and there's nothing parents can do about that.

I then said, "There's a difference between a mental disorder and a psychological disorder. Most people have psychological problems that are a consequence of their upbringing."

That is my thesis of tonight's blog.

It takes a lot of work on behalf of parents to stimulate a child in all ways required to produce a healthy human being. I'd bet my life that at least 75% of parents have no idea what the task requires. I've tried to give a few pointers, but I catch flack when I offend some people's tastes. (Remember the Santa Clause lie?)

I'm drawing the line here. You all will have to bear with me in the future. I'll be giving you real facts and lessons about psychology because until some readers comprehend the relevance of my assertions to their, and their children's psychological well being, they'll keep personalizing what I write and get defensive. They end up occupying my mental energies with babbling rationalizations.

My purpose is bigger than some people's feelings.

Always real,
Supaman Tion Terrell

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