Saturday, May 8, 2010

Two Poems

My Greatest Confession

Often, I express my love.
In word and in deed.
I want to give you all that God has created.

You mended a shattered lonely soul.
You provided hope I didn't know I lacked.
For your gifts, I'm forever grateful.

I've seen hell in this life.
I'd endure it all again just to find you.
You've proved true love is all I really need.

This love I feel will outlive the Heavens.
It's more vital than the blood in my veins.
I am all that I am because you love me.
. . .

My promise

Never has someone loved like I.
The sky will fall before anyone could.
The world may stop turning.
But, if you are loving me I wouldn't notice.

You're a part of every breath I take.
I see your face on every cloud.
Your voice trails every sound I hear.
Your scent floats on every breeze.

Your smile lurks just behind my eyelids.
Your eyes haunt my every waking moment.
You're a phantom in all my dreams.
My soul aches to have you nearer.

My heart belongs to you.
I'm reminded each time it beats.
I will love even after I part this life.
My last breath will have your name on it.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

1 comment:

  1. To one of younder light
    be all of one souls delight
    yet hear a whisper clatter
    to make my heart ache for this
    for this is thine truth
    behold all of my life before you
    take not my injured soul
    but feel my love unfold......

    "Dollar General" :)