Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Humpday Entertainment

Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice - what audacity.
We wouldn't need abortion if we guarded our chastity.
But here in America we look at murder practically.
Why not - we're already saved.
Some say that's blasphemy.
But I know better.
We call others extremists if they worship God emphatically.
Label them terrorists when a few act haphazardly.
Wasn't America stolen by creating calamaties.
In Japan two bombs a quarter million fatalities.
Vietnam and Korea are similar catastrophes.
All the wars in Iraq criminal masterpieces.
They say God blesses America because its built on Christianity.
There's a criminal, drug addict and whore in every family.
Build thousands of prisons and fill them automatically.
Only incarcerate those who don't live lavishly.
The rich get richer, move more than just laterally.
If you can't support the system it holds you down like gravity.
Took the scriptures and so-called revised them grammatically.
Use the new text to propagate false reality.
Blind following pulpit crooks with sharp strategies.
Get conned out of your socks and go home happily.
Part the doors and go back to living savagely.
I heard even the Pope condones homosexuality.
They tell you who your Gods are and do so dramatically.
They call it media, we hold it in majesty.
Do you worship God or a famous personality?
That they control like a puppet with excellent mastery.
The entertainment industry charges us like batteries.
They can make you eat poison if its low in fat calories.
We tell our youth not to lie while putting them in their vocabularies.
What's true about Santa, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy?
This is just a peek at America's reality.
To some this is strength - it's what they want for totality.
Is America great or is this insanity?
I see tyrants trying to bully all of humanity.
Now that I've vented I pose this as my finale'.
How can oppressed citizens be proud of our nationality.

Always real;

Supaman Tion Terrell

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