Friday, April 9, 2010

All Your Friends Aren't Friends

Friendship is a metaphysical bond between persons who care for each others' well being. We may have buddies with whom we enjoy various pastimes (i.e. talking, sports, video games, drinking/drugging, or maybe even sex) but, friends are something different all together.

There is an example of a friend I'm fond of in the bible. Jesus used the parable of the Good Samaritan to describe the nature of a good neighbor. In this story we see a man who helps a total stranger. This Samaritan was a better friend to the needy traveler then most of the people we spend time with regularly.

We simply take the word friendship to lightly. I can back this up by pointing out that I was released from prison less than two months ago—with nothing but the clothes on my back and a dream. A dream to be a positive influence on society. In less than 60 days I accomplished so much that yesterday my publisher expressed interest in having me travel the country with her to participate in forums regarding the “Think Outside the Cell Series” that features two non-fiction works of mine.

I was able to do this because the people who have come into my life have invested in my well being. My significant other has believed in me since I was a lonely convict with nothing to offer but a promise to be who I said I was. Her family and I had a rocky start, but my determination to live a righteous life and to achieve success, despite my disadvantages and the many obstacles I encountered, won them over. Now they are for me whenever I need them. I introduced myself to church as a beggar and they embraced me in spite of all. There are more than a half dozen others I’ve met since then who have given me a hand up during my struggles.

What must be understood here is meeting these people was not a series of strokes of luck. From day one, I’ve been on a mission to fulfill my dream. Everyone I meet sees this because I walk what I talk. Doing so has earned respect from individuals who can, and have, opened doors.

Some of them I only know by name, but I still call them friends. I have many web friends that are important to me too. They encourage me and take the time to let me know they are concerned.

The most important thing I can share with you in this regard is the way you conduct yourself dictates who will be attracted to you. This determines who your friends will be.

This is so critical because our purpose in this blog and its comments is to engender growth that will improve our lives and society. If you want a better life than what yours currently is, you have to become a better person. Set some goals and strive to reach them. You’ll see who really has your best interest at heart once you begin.

I can guarantee some of your friends will doubt you, ridicule you, and accuse you of wrong doing because you decided to better yourself. For some of you, change may require adopting a whole new circle of friends it will be hard, but you always have my example as proof that the sacrifice is worth it.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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