Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To My Faithful

Dear Friends;

Today was an excellent one. I spent it with my church family. I volunteer daily, and I do the landscaping. It feels good to be appreciated.

Now, I must reflect on yesterday's blog. I'm sorry for anyone whom I may have offended. My purpose was not to be explicit. I don't think I was, but some may be conservative. Or, some may not understand that it was a a part of a series. In fact it may have even been a climax, so to speak.

But anyway, today has been a long one of hard work. I simply lack the energy to concentrate on a text worth sharing. I have to gather my thoughts. If I took the time to post a significant essay, it wouldn't be available for a few more hours. I hate not doing that, but faithful readers need sleep. I don't just throw these things together.

With that said, I apologize if I have disappointed you. I promise tomorrow will be a post like those that have earned me the name Supaman.

Supaman Tion Terrell

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