Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

I'm setting here while my pastor's wife and her mother finish off Easter dinner. I have to say I feel truly blessed right now.
I'm not the overly religious type, but I do believe in God and in helping others. I guess you could say I help others for selfish reasons. I know all the good that I do for others will come back to me.
I've written about all the things that I've been able to accomplish despite my poverty, and background. That speaks for itself.
Yes, I'm definitely blessed!
I spent some time with a friend who lives in subsidized housing community yesterday. My heart ached the whole time I was there. That complacency I wrote about was at its worse. I saw a little girl pull down her pants and urinate outside. I don't know why she did it, but I'm inclined to think she wasn't able to get inside her home. This implies her mother was doing something inside she didn't want her daughter to interrupt.
I don't want to imagine what that might have been.
In addition to that, I saw at least a dozen children, all wearing dirty clothes, who ran around without any direction at all. The most shocking part was that the children were both black and white. Its not like that in Virginia where I'm from.
No matter what color the children, it was sad. I actually feel guilty sitting here on this plush sofa wearing my slacks and tie and waiting to eat a meal fit for kings while the children I saw yesterday are probably still wearing dirty clothes and eating junk.
Life is not supposed to be like this. How is this the greatest country in the world when on one hand you have the second and third richest people in the world, and other the other hand you have malnourished children?
I've focused a lot on women and our relationships in this blog. I explained that I do this because I believe this is where we should start working to address the social problems in America. The goal has always been the same though.
Our children are doomed to oppression that creates criminal mindsets, and I've taken the responsibility to see that this changes.

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  1. dont be so quick to judge the reasons kids do what they do. They are kids. I am also from VA and you must have been gone awhile or haven't been to the hills of VA. On second thought remember child hood days running, playing hard, enjoying life. WE got dirty. I would have been in the house all day changing clothes if I was going to stay clean and as for the child peeing outside kids do wait to the last minute before they decide they have to go, hence maybe the child did what she had to do. before any of us assume we know something we may or may not remember the times you were misjudged SAMETHING. I have three little grandchildren went to a cookout at the park , had a great time, got real dirty and came home took abath and are sleeping like Angels. Glad you did not see them in my yard on the way home God knows what you would have thought of that. I encourage my grandkids play outsise keeps them fit. Never hurts to ask someone either how they are doing today. Im not trying to be harsh, i am guilty of the samething I first glance thats why I push myself to rehink my thoughts for they can surelyplay tricks on me and hopefully prayer and thoughtfulness will allow God to guide me.