Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Letter to a Friend

I owe you thanks because I'm fortunate to know you. And, because when I laid down to sleep last night my heart fluttered like it did when I was a kid on Christmas Eve. Because when I woke up this morning I replayed our interactions in my mind and a warm feeling came over me that forced me to smile both inside and out.

I owe you thanks because as I write this I feel the sun shining on me even though it has already set. Because whenever I stop to think, I will have you to consider.

I owe you thanks because I have new hope. There is someone out there who will stand behind me throughout my struggles. Because I have someone to appreciate my tenderness, while still acknowledging my manly strengths.

I owe thanks because only a few months ago I was ready to give up on my dream of finding someone to love, appreciate, honor and cherish just because you are who you are. And, because I thought no one would accept me after 10yrs of prison. I again have reason to believe the world is beautiful and that we are all entitled to happiness. All my pent up passion, desire, intimacy, and loyalty has a worthy subject.

Most importantly, I thank you for being a reminder to count my blessings. There are people out their who live their whole lives hoping to find the joy and hope you've given me. Most don't know what they're looking for, but if they ever feel the things I've been feeling since you came into my life , they'll know what life is meant to be from that moment on.

Thank you for forcing me to feel so many beautiful things. You've thawed a heart that spent nearly a decade icing over and given me reason to believe in happiness again. Though only time will tell how close we will become, I want you to know I truly appreciate how you've changed my life in such a short period of time.

Always real,
Supaman Tion Terrell

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