Friday, April 16, 2010

A Look Back cont.....

Yesterday, I gave you all the first part of an essay I wrote while in prison that explains the plight of prisoners who want psychological treatment. There is none available to them. I left off in the middle of my rebuttal against the mental health and treatment personnel's claim that personality disorders can not be cured.

Now I shall continue:

In the above book, it is explained in an evaluation of Hienz Kohut,s (arguably the second Sigmund Freud) writings that in the psychoanalitic cure: "Empathy must pervade both crucial steps[transference-for the patient the therapist becomes a continuation of an early adopted false reality that could not be transformed into solid psychological structures; and interpretation-the therapist via sharing the patients experiences through the use of imaginative or sympathetic feelings is able to explain the patient's unhealthy beliefs and perceptions and does so repeatedly until the patient learns to adopt healthy realistic perceptions of self and the world] that constitute the ultimately curative interventions of the analyst" p.192

Kohut's writing was "How does Analysis Cure?" University of Chicago Press 1984

Dept. of Corrections Officials hide behind the common erroneous belief that only Mental Health Disorders (bipolar, MPD/DID, and scizophrenia, etc) require treatment. Inmates with these illnesses only receive medication and physical behavioral control. Personality disorders are seen as mere behavioral problems to be addressed by security staff. In Virginia and other prison systems, this philosophy usually results in long term segregation and other, more capricious and often unlawful, punitive measures. This abuse further aggravates the inmate's condition, producing more psychopathic behaviors.

However, if society wants convicts prisons release to it to be better people than they were upon getting arrested, then citizens must insist that law and policy makers pressure prison officials to facilitate effective mental health services to inmates.
. . .

Now that I've shared this essay in its entirety, I beg all my readers to go over each of the parts and consider what I've shown you. I'm not calling anyone dumb. I'm just trying to make sure you understand how desperately prisoners need mental health treatment and how crafty prison officials are at making excuses for not providing it.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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