Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hump Day Entertainment


Sometimes I wonder if I wake each morning just to think of you.
The love I feel makes everyday wonderful.
My heart flutters when I envision your smile.
My pulse races when I imagine making love to you.
Sharing bodies is the perfect confirmation of love like this.
It's the closest we could every be, which is why I crave you.
I promise to be attentive.
Exploring and relishing everywhere my touch and tongue reach.
Memorizing your likes and dislikes while I discover you.
Perspiration moistens my lips and your wine quenches my thirst.
Nourish me while I encourage eruptions.
Receive me when I dedicate my strength.
I'll move only in the ways you require.
Hold me each time you quake, and be assured of many.
Know how much stimulation is enough, for I'm enthusiastic.
Tell me when to release because I won't until you do.

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