Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Follow Up

Yesterday, I published a comment made by an anonymous reader. This comment advised me to avoid judging things based on appearances. This was indeed good advice and I greatly appreciate it. It was implied that I was overreacting to the children’s dirtiness. This tells me I should’ve been more specific in descriptions. I was not as descriptive as I could have been because I didn’t want to criticize my subjects.

The purpose of Easter Sunday’s post was to point out the needs of the impoverished people in our communities. But, since I’ve been advised not to be judgemental, what I’ll do today is talk about the facts.

It’s known the United States government has brought drugs into the country and saturated the black communities with them. The drug epidemic spread, however. Today there are more white drug addicts and dealers than there are minorities in the country. Yet, our prisons are filled with minorities, (predominately black) populations for drug related and/or induced crimes.

When we watch the news, the crimes committed by blacks are highlighted. In impoverished black communities children aspire to be sports stars, entertainers, and criminals; because these are the only professions they believe black people can excel in.

This is not a judgement. I conducted a survey myself. I talked to the kids I wrote about on Sunday. Some were barefooted. The bottom of their feet were black from walking across floors covered with dirt and soiled laundry.

If anyone doubts my assessment of the ghetto, go see one up close for yourself; or are you afraid you might be a crime victim? Send your children to hang out with the children in the ghetto and then tell you what they saw. That’s way too much to ask isn’t it?

My mission as a human being is to encourage other human beings to make our world a better place. I’m wise enough to know I can’t do this by manipulating my readers. I won’t waste our time by calling my opinions facts. There’s enough pain in the world to fill volumes without my doing so.

Ignorance is a disease in our society. Ignorance causes people to destroy themselves, and breed children they will teach to destroy themselves. I’m not just talking about disenfranchised ghetto and rural people. We have obese families, psychotropic drug dependent families, and socially illiterate families in all income brackets.

I write about the world I see as part of my work to build a better world. I might not know everything, but you have my promise that I won’t write about something unless I know what I’m writing.

I love you all and please continue to express your thoughts about my writing. We’re here to grow together.

Always real,
Supaman Tion Terrell

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