Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Cure for the Education Crisis

Yesterday I asked my friend Kristine for a suggestion for a blog topic. She said I should write about the State of Illinois' decision to eradicate Pre-K from its public schools. In less than 30 seconds she sold me on the subject's importance by explaining that Pre-K is designed to identify potential problems in children that may hinder their learning in school, and to correct those problems. She argued that without Pre-K, many kids will start kindergarten at a disadvantage they may never overcome.

I can't put it any better than that.

However,I will point out a solution. Parents need to begin children's educations long before they reach Pre-K age anyway. People like to say President Obama is stupid, but even he says educations can't be left in the hands of public schools.

A child's mind is a sponge. It soaks up whatever they are exposed to. Unless a child has a learning disability, rearing in a way that intellectually stimulates them will produce bright children, knowledgeable adults and likely wise elders. We know this because the opposite is also true. A child that suffers a chaotic upbringing will develop emotional/psychological problems that may range from behavioral disorders to severe mental illness.

Some of my readers have commented that I'm brutal. They say this because I point out facts that are hard to swallow. Still, no one has been able to dispute my assertions with rational logic.

I don't blog to please people. My obligation to the world is to spread the plain truth.

Parents need to get off their rears and help their children develop intellectually. It begins with speech. Baby talk may sound cute, but doing it hinders the child by not challenging its mind and mouth to develop fully because of verbal shortcuts. Some children continue to use baby talk at ages 2 and 3 although proper articulation is well within their capabilities.

Next we have TVs and radios poisonings to overcome. These instruments of seemingly harmless entertainments plant all sorts of ideas in our children's minds while parents sit by and watch. These same parents end up wondering why their children turned out "bad" when they raised them so well.

Truth is, they didn't raise the children. Media outlets did.

Then there are the bad influences of peers. Well parents, if you raise your children with solid values like respect (for themselves and others) honesty, and compassion, etc., perhaps they wouldn't enjoy the company of peers who lack those same values.

"Do as I say and not as I do", doesn't work when raising children. It's easier for them to immolate what they see than it is to do what they have been told.

I would like to see all parents be as eager to take responsibility for their children's faults as they are to accept credit for their children's successes. Better still, why not be proactive and take the time to read to your children and teach them basic things like proper speech, alphabetical and numeric recognition. Instill morals and manners in them. Teach them self-respect and make sure they have healthy self-esteems.

Why wait for schools to take up the slack after you've failed your own children.

Do you love your children or not.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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