Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Leaders are Fakes

A friend clipped an article from the April 15th, "St. Louis Post-Dispatch." The article's title: "Bill Sets Goal of Fewer inmates. The gist of the report is R. Senator Matt Bartle and Supreme Court Chief Justice William Ray Price Jr. are pushing for the reduction of state penitentary inmates by 2000 over the next two years.

The following quote gave me a lot of hope. "Price said the state couldn't afford to keep warehousing non-violent prisoners rather than treating the reason many of them are locked up: alcohol and drug problems."

The plan is: "We need to save the criminl justice system for those who need the most attention," says Joe Mosely, a former senator and prosecutor.

The article explains, "The crimes that fit the categories that would avoid prison time include offenses such as writing bad checks, fraud, drug possssion, the first offense of drunken driving and some property damage crimes.

Here's the kicker. "Also included is the first offense of sexual misconduct with a child.

What in Hell are they thinking!

Surely all those well educated politicians know it takes a sick individual to expose themselves to a child. Why wouldn't such offenders qualify as "those who need the most attention?" There must be quite a few of them if there inclusion in the bill will save the state a portion of 26 million a year.

And, what about the victims? Life long damage is likely to be suffered from such a traumatic ordeal. These guys are saying "Lets slap their offenders on the wrists since it will save money."

What is America coming to? How much longer will citizens stand by and let politicians flush our lives down the toilets for the sake of profit. Not the average citizen's profit, mind you. Profits for those who are already filthy rich.

This year indecent exposure to our children is not serious. Next year it might be molesters, rapists, or who knows what other crimes they might claim are too expensive to protect society from!

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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  1. I agree 100%. What were they thinking? It only takes one incident for a child to lose his/her innocence.