Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Little Poetry

A Lovely year

You are my seasons.
For reasons I can't explain.
Your smile is like the spring.
My heart is the barren desert waiting for your rain.
Your voice is the sunshine.
The light that gives life to the world.
Your laughter is the summer breeze.
The waft of seductive breeze that makes life sweet.
Your strut makes trees sway.
Leaves fall in your wake.
Your bosom beckons like the full moon on a chill cloudless night.
Your touch is the winter wind that bites into my spine.
The sensation overpowers me.
Bitter sweet pain igniting undeniable lust.
Ooh! Your grace!
The lightening that strikes during Spring's first storm.
The world awakens to embrace life anew.
Its four seasons dictated by the sun.
Mine revolve around you.

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