Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Humpday Entertainment

Today Humpday Entertainment presents Mr Charles P. Akers

Charles Akers# 1193127
Red Onion State Prison
P.O. Box 1900
Pound, Va 24279


The greatest pain comes from that which was once my greatest pleasure:

Abandoned in my time of greatest need by the one I would have done anything for:

Once, my only salvation in the treacherous storm that was my life:

Now only a memory, and the cause of my heartache:
. . .


How lucky is he that be given the gift of communing with perfection.
but still condemned to this attempt,
feeble though it is,
to transcend this barrier with timid words and trite and lonely as I.

But, try as I might, I come up blank.
Because some things cannot be confined by words;
but know that every day,
every syllable, every glance, every touch,
only intensifies the enchantment.

That is the utmost perfection:
Personified you.
. . .

I met Charles while I was warehoused at Red Onion state prison. I call him friend. Feel free to contact him. I'm sure he'd appreciate it. And, get used to the name. He's about to do great things.

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