Thursday, April 1, 2010

Want Better. Do Better.

The most amazing thing I've noticed in the 7 weeks I've been out of prison is complacency. I look at some of the people I encounter and wonder how a person could not do their best to take care of themselves. I know the answer though. When all you catch is bad breaks, it's easy to accept the possibility that you could be meant to lose.
Thats balogna though!
You are what you believe you are. Human beings have the ability to change whatever they want to change about themselves. An exception might be those born with handicaps, but even some of those have overcome their conditions to excel in life.
I hear people whine about the economy all the time. I've also followed magazines that showcased people who made good livings while everyone else cried. Look at me. I found a way to keep my head above water and nobody has hired me in an official position.
If your personal expectations are low, you will never achieve much of anything.
We must be careful though. One's expectations must be reasonable when you set goals. I'll never be a politician, race car driver, nor a sports star. I don't have the skills to aim for goals like that. Even if I had the skills, I'd need opportunity and resources to go with them.
I can write though. I know how to market. I can show some people how they might be able to better themselves and society. So I find ways to make the most out of what I can do.
Today is a perfect example. I had to take a more than 2 hour bus ride to St. Louis, Mo this morning. I went to orientation at the Reentry One Stop Career Center(R.E.O.S). It's a program designed to help ex-cons enter the job market. I went in thinking that I probably wouldn't benefit much by being there, but I never pass up an opportunity to learn. My main reason for going was I'd been provided bus fare by a third party. Not going would've constituted stealing according to my principals.
So I went. It turns out the program manager Bennie West is a man who I could grow to like a whole lot. I love all people. I only like a few.
But anyway, after talking to Bennie, I've come away with what very well may be an opportunity to help create a program in my county that will prevent other ex-cons from facing all the struggles I'm overcoming now. Plus, there is a very attractive and brilliant young woman Tria Washington working for him who is obviously not living up to her full potential. I'd love to have her on the team I'm putting together to push for change in the social conditions that hurl people towards crime.
It all happened because I'm pushing toward a goal. I believe the cause I've taken up is worth sacrifice and the best of my efforts. Because I constantly strive to seek new means through which I may advance my objectives, I'm constantly finding people who will invest faith in me. Anyone can do the same.
Now, some of you want to give credit to God. Of course I wouldn't be as gifted as I am if it weren't for the blessings bestowed upon me. I'm not taking anything away from God when I give myself credit for hard work and accomplishments. I'm only recognizing what I did.
"Faith without works is dead." Remember that?
I'm not so different from anyone else. You can only get what you work for. The best luck in the world can't provide what you need to live a fruitful, productive life. God won't be pouring any more manna from the heavens either.
Take pride in whatever gifts or skills you may have. Learn some new ones while you're at it. Then use what you have in a way that can benefit yourself and others.
If I can pick up the pieces and move on with life while going through all that you know I have, anyone can do it.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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