Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Things Await

Tomorrow I visit St Louis for "The St. Louis Poetry Slam." I don't know if I will compete, but I will be there. I may want to observe the event and then compete in the next one.

Overall everyone, I must say life is good. I have my problems. The world has its problems. Still, Life is good.

We must be mindful that all things shall pass. The good and the bad. No matter what problem arises, life goes on. Take a deep breath when things are ugly and just think. There was a saying that went "Stop and count to ten." It applied to controlling anger. Yet, it works for all situations.

Counting to ten forces the person to think, which slows down the chemicals in the body that may result in potentially rash behavior. At times when a person needs to think, these chemicals may effect thought patterns and feelings that cloud judgment.

Love is definitely one of the emotions that make us do crazy things. Anger is one too. We must all be careful not to allow our emotions rule us. The power of clear thought could never be underestimated.

If you doubt the importance of clear thought, then think about people who abuse their children, there mates, or even themselves.

I encourage you all to take the time to stop and think more often. I have yet to share anything in this blog that I don't know to be the truth. That will not occur. You don't have to know me to know whether or not I can be trusted. You can know the tree by its fruit. My life is here for you to review. Besides, this is the world wide web.

I will close for now my friend. I have something special plans for "Humpday Entertainment." Stop by tomorrow.

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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