Saturday, April 24, 2010


We all live our lives different ways. Most people, however, live their lives in a pattern similar to the way we learned to live by watching those around us when we were little. That may not be a bad thing. If you lived in a dysfunctional environment or around a dysfunctional role model or two, it may not be good for you.

Unfortunately the latter is more common than the former.

Dysfunctional: abnormal or unhealthy behavior within a group--Webster's Dictionary

Healthy behavior is that which I've described throughout this blog. The mates taking good care of one another, and each of them doing their parts to insure the children are growing and developing into healthy human beings.

Its a shame that so many homes in America are dysfunctional. This truly is the land of plenty. The true problem is that there are too many distractions. Too few people care about the purpose of life, and their responsibilities. Once a parent fails a child, the child's emotional, psychological, and intellectual growth is retarded. This retardation is rarely recognized until its too late to correct it by means at the average person's disposal.

This is usually the parent, or parents, who says a variation of "I just don't know whats wrong with my child."

If not corrected, the child's retardation produces a dysfunctional adult. This dysfunction leads people to find mates just as screwed up as themselves. These people find healthy productive people uncomfortable to be around. These people also beget children they will teach to be dysfunctional.

Haven't you known someone who was just plain old messed up, and no matter how hard you tried you couldn't get them to behave themselves. That person was either playing a game successfully, or they were dysfunctional. Chances are it was the latter.

The danger in being dysfunctional is that you will usually shoot yourself in the foot once you have an opportunity to improve your life. You are trapped in a vicious cycle of failure that you probably don't even recognize.

Remember all the lessons I've shared about thinking clearly, how to chose friends and lovers, how we should treat each other, and how to raise healthy children? Its hard for most of us to even treat ourselves well if we don't break out of habits and behavior patterns programmed into us as children.

In order to break these habits and behavior patterns, one must stop and see themselves for who they really are. That's more than most people are willing to do. Some can't do it. It takes a rational logic that they simply don't have. It also takes fortitude.

Do you think whores and sluts admit to themselves what they are? What about losers and deadbeats?

I rest my case.

I love my readers, and I'm not name calling. Please don't personalize the above examples. I only wanted to help you see how easy it is for people to lie to themselves.

Are you ready to face who you really are, and to grow up?

Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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