Monday, April 5, 2010

Where Do You Stand

Hello Friends.
Yesterday there was a comment posted to my blog in my name that I did not write. I was angry then, but I've learned it was an mistake made by a person I hold quite dear to me. Truthfully speaking it was a profound remark explaining Jesus is always here to fullfil our needs.
Now, I'm not a fan of institutions. I believe they enable and encourage people to be intellectually incompetent.
Even so, I must admit First United Presbyterian Church is the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm not so naive as to believe all that its members do for me is sincerely motivated by their love for Christ. Yet, I know the love I'm being shown by most people there is possible only because they love Jesus and seek his pleasure.
Thus being so, I can only deduce that my life is coming together because of Jesus.
I've always written about my desire to improve the way our society operates. This is supposed to be a Christian country, but prostitution is legal as long as you pay taxes and call it something else. Jesus repeatedly admonished us about the dangers of loving money, but our capitalist economy is based upon greed. Worse, in my opinion, is the evolution of Christianity into prosperity preaching.
Its written that Jesus rode an ass. This is the only mode of transportation I recall Him ever using beside boats. He never asked much from others and He was never concerned with accumalating wealth for any purpose other than distributing it to the poor.
If so many of us are Christians, why does our society work the way it does? America wastes more than 25% of the world's food. WASTES! Yet, there are children who go hungry in all of our states and territories.
Granted, its the parents' responsibility to see to their children's welfare. However in impoverished communities, we have third and fourth generation degenerates that date back to the poisoning of urban communities by government controled drug trade.
Can you really blame the people for their conditions? I think not.
Or, lets look at the poverty in rural America which is predominately white that dates back to the caucasion runaway slaves that were called hillbillies. Can we blame them for their disenfranchisement? Again, I think not.
So where do you stand? Do you consider yourself a believer in God? Do you consider yourself a good person?
What do you do to improve yourself, your life, and your community?
Please answer my questions honestly then look at yourself anew. I promise it will help you grow.
Always real;
Supaman Tion Terrell

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